Your touch was always so tenuous
Delicately stroking
Longing to give comfort and love
But so afraid.

Why were you fearful to give yourself?
What startled you, doe in the forest,
And made you unable to give what you craved?

Were you harmed early, aroused, ready for the pain
While you in innocence stared bewildered at your predator?
Who was it who did this to you, frightened doe?
Who made you unable to look for pleasure and ready to receive the blows?

He hates them for you.
You deserve more than a small love.
It should be yours.

Why couldn't you have been treated with milky kindness,
Gentle strokes and offered refreshment?

Refresh yourself now with his love,
Take from him what he can offer--
A full embrace, an encompassing heart,
A generous drink from the fountain of life.

Walk amidst the quivering aspen the soft peat of the forest floor
And feel the love.

You gave him your best
And he thanks you for what you could give.