For one brief moment your star shined so bright
And brought light to the darkness that they live.
But your meteor light was gone much too quick
For the world to know all you could give.

Even creatures of this earth know nature was touched
When your light streaked so bright with life's song.
Lives had been filled with warmth and a joy
That was wanted by all for so long.

On that day that your light was swallowed by dark,
Blue skies with no clouds would rain tears.
Great winds would twist rocks and unleash a great wrath,
Creating in this world a great fear.

The songs of the birds would mate in this wind
And the sounds of all nature would cease.
Man would fall down on his knees and cry out
For the life that was once full of peace.

The silence would come: the darkness would reign,
Yet the world in this void would go on.
Man soon would forget that moment in time
When a star had streaked bright: then was gone.