Young man river gently cries to Love made known through tender eyes!
For was his choice a sad mistake--or just a bad turn for the river to make?
But how could they possibly ever know?
Why not let the river peacefully flow?
Why ponder the questions that men cry?
Why burden themselves with asking why?
For in their hearts they are the same--by spirit and truth and lust and name!
They too would give to pressure's claim,
Brought on by fortune, youth, and fame!
They too would crumble, twist and bend--only to reach the river's end!
Young man river--born of the sea--you'll always be a part of him...
Yet, if they have but just one chance--then let the river do its dance!
And let the river seek its place--bound by Love's amazing grace!
And lo their souls do shake and quiver...
Having been immersed in young man river!