She bets you've never sat with your head hanging down into your palm,
Thinking about all the things you could say
That wouldn't get you an closer to what you want.

She bets the love that doesn't touch you,
And the love that doesn't want you,
Are lurking somewhere within you.
The shield you hoped would protect you was raised too late,
And not everything you don't want
Is trapped on the wrong side of it.

The bruises of love, including your own,
Centralize into the case of who you are, And become hate.
This makes you think you're in control,
Love may have shoved its fist through your soul,
But hatred will heal the wound.

You don't realize that the pain of love strikes too deeply
For its victims to ever fully recover.

And one day she will stand
With you outside, with you in her mind,
With the mind blowing on each of their faces.
You will always exist in two places.