In the beginning Love said "Let there Be Light," and it was so. Love saw
The light was good.
He made the Greater Light day, the Lesser Light he made night.
Day was referring to the beginning and night equivalent to the ending.
He created the Earth and filled it with life. He gave man and woman
Their form and it was good.
Now, they have a form to inhabit called a body until they must exit it
Through death.
The mature male or female has an inner sense called a feeling
Of what's right or wrong.
The blueprint was laid or formed when Love made man in his own
Image or likeness. The rules are none other than those offered in
The greatest book ever written: The Bible.
She is reminded of this Revelation: Noah, the Ark, and the Flood, a Raven,
A Rainbow and a Great promise of Love. Job 23:10 "He knoweth the
Way I take, when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."
The choice, though, is still the responsibility of yours. However, you
Have systematically built within, Love's gift to distinguish right
From wrong.
If during this life you die unconnected to Love's will, then
Only He can make a difference for your soul.
Then you and only you can say, "I dug that grave myself."
In order to inhabit the Kingdom, you must put Love first.
Love's word is Eternal.