She seems to have her ups and downs
Just like a Yo-Yo on a string.
She never knows which way she'll go,
Or what another day will bring.

She may be flying like a kite,
Or grounded like a burst balloon;
She may feel darker than the night,
Or bright as sunlit summer noon.

Depends on lots of things, she guesses,
On weather, circumstances, health,
Or folks she meets, or aching feet,
Or whether she is blessed with wealth.

Would she be always "UP," you think?--
If she had health and wealth and fame?
Or would these "Yo-Yo" moods of hers
Be ever-changing just the same?

Well, years have passed, and she has found
Her moods still soar, or hit the ground;
With health and wealth, a bit of fame,
Her "Yo-Yo" moods swing just the same!