Pitchers, Catchers, Batters came
With balls and bats to play a game
A stadium all filled with fans
A standing ovation with each Grand Slam

Their starting pitcher Jimmy Key
Can get them out one, two, three
At first base stands Dan Mattingly
On second base is Pat Kelly

Mike Gallego is their shortstop now
Wade Boggs is at third, with a real quick hand
The great Mike Stanley is at home plate
He stops those runs, which the team does hate

Paul O'Neil an outfield man
Bernie Williams a center is Grand
With Danny Tartabull out in the field
The Yankees have the best of deals

An excellent team that will not falter
With a manager like Buck Showalter
In the dugout you will see
Legritz, Owen and Velarde

Maulens, Nokes, and James are there
To show their teamates, how much they care
They are a Pennant team to fans you'll see
Their striving hearts of Ninety-Three