ROAM HIM, to see what lives so deep inside, and you will see
His fear! He thinks you call it pride

ASK HIM, his name and he'll tell you the biggest lie, just call
Him the transparent silent tears he strangely often cries

FORGIVE HIM, of all his sins you choose to blame, and only then
His friend will you know his name

DEFINE HIM, in this room of roses and you shall only see his
Failure to bloom. To say he dreams to live in a dream only
Neglects your doom.

IN HIS DREAM, he sees the future of a world in fright. Nothing
Lived to appetize, all near death apologize, just look into

IN HIS DREAM, he sees the world you saved for him, a baby born on
Coke, a rainforest choking smoke, a crime rate above the rise,
The eve of the president's bloody eyes, the mothers they all
Cry, just look into his ASKING EYES
He's dreaming. He's screaming. He's bleeding.

IN HIS DREAM, he cannot get to sleep, he cannot wake to peace,
He cannot stop disease, he cannot stop pain, he cannot feel the
Rain, he cannot see into his own FORGIVING EYES
He's crying. He's lying. He's dying. HE'S DEAD.

And he still has not lived to see the dream's DEFINITIVE END!?