Busted for cigarettes a punk at heart;
He couldn't finish what he wanted to start.
He cursed the system he fed the flame;
He broke the boundaries he's got a name.
He fled his haven to free his game,
Now he's the haven that drives you insane.
He is a portal you're just a lie,
They're all just immortals in their own minds.

So they run around in the pit of spirals, break their bones and defeat their rivals;
Trampled in a sweaty ceremony, buried in a festival cemetery.

Every stain--just another bad memory; every day--just another bad memory;
Every face--just another bad memory; Every pain's another good memory.

Around the corner driving too fast,
Dead on arrival just a forgotten past.
Seen on the corner page of a shitty paper,
Feen on lost lives guess he'll see you later.

Yes, he's a loser, he's a disgrace, he is the story, written into your face.

He runs around the pit of spirals, breaking spirits and defeating his rivals;
Trampled in a soiled ceremony, buried in a festival of cemeteries.

Every stain--another bed memory, Every day, another bed memory,
Every face--another bad memory, Every pain....