As she looks out her kitchen window,
And sees the blanket of snow,
It's like Love's crown of jewels,
Each gem all aglow.

The trees are bare, not a leaf to be seen,
Revering the homes of their feathered friends,
The air is silent, no cheery song,
But they will wait for their return in the spring.

Oh yes, there's the lawn chairs, once used by Father and son,
Talking over workdays,--now done,
Their times together were so special,
So hush north wind, be still and calm.

Over in the corner stands the old swingset,
Resting and still all covered with frost,
Soon it will be in motion, full of joy and laughter,
Their grandchildren's favorite place.

And so frosty winter, your time is almost complete,
The spring breeze will take over for you,
And you can rest for another year,
As you see your white frost,
Change to spring's morning dew.