His Love, when he was small he thought of you as the same
But, forgive him Love he was taught you had a different name.
All his life, his heart did hurt.
Some voice inside said, "Stay alert."
As he watched, the people's morals destroyed,
It seems now, as if the more they PRAYED.
In the name they prayed they thought would "Please-US,"
Was proclaimed around the world as "LOVE."
Though, You had left word that you are their savior and rock,
Love, now is the shepherd of the decayed flock.
Why and How this event came about, can be held to be libel.
It was through the Church and their version of your word called
Ohh! Dear LOVE, your word states; you are the only "one."
Although, You never said, but the new book says you had a "son."
As he now knows what the voice had warned,
Do not worship a false god on you will be scorned.
Now his soul has no doubt, of whom you are and what you're all
Ohh! His heart still hurts when he thinks of what he thought,
And that all the prayers in another name, he uttered, were for