With all her vast knowledge, she never really knew why. She
Knew that people came and people went, but never why. She knew that
Homes were built and buildings burned or simply fell apart over time, but
Never why. She knew that children were born and people died, but not why.

She knew that friendships were built and just as easily destroyed,
But didn't know why. She knew that love was in the air, constantly being
Devoured by hate. She once knew of love, the love of a forgotten soul much
Like herself, who simply lost interest and hope.

She knew now only of what may have been, and that it never was.
She knew of all this, but never why. Why when love must end, the tears
Refuse to fall? Why others forget so quickly the pain love causes, and you
Never can. Why a heart never questions true happiness, until that
Happiness is gone.

Why they never listen to the warnings until it is too late. Why things
Continue to change even when they pray day and night, that they won't. Why
People change for the worst when they see only the best in them. Why pain
Is the strongest emotion, yet love the most in need. Why it's so easy to
Blame and so hard to forgive.

Why when surrounded by love are they forced to walk alone.