WHY--is there so much killing--so much stealing?

WHY--do people like to abuse the people they love?
WHY--do they like to misuse the people they need?

WHY--can't they just love each other?
For if they'd love more, they'd hate less,
Society wouldn't be in such a mess,
Sexism, favoritism, racism would be a thing of the past.

WHY--aren't married couples forever together?
WHY--do they change like the weather? WHY--so much confusion?

WHY--can't this world be a better place?
WHY--can't they live together?
WHY--can't they care for each other?

WHY--don't they eat right?
WHY--do they argue, fuss and fight?

Maybe may come raining down and
Sprinkle them with joy, kindness, and love.
Maybe then all the wrong things in their lives won't have
To have the questions, WHY? Why they'll all have a better life.
Why these answers aren't difficult at all, are they? If so, WHY?