Who is she, why is she so sad, why does she need to be held and comforted. Who is she
To ask such a selfish question. She is to take care of everyone else no one is
Responsible for her. She is not anyone's problem but her own. Why does this
Person want to help her, someone not worth helping. She sure as hell doesn't deserve
It. What she wants right now is her dad, she wants him to hug her and say that he
Loves her. Why is she the one who has to suffer for his selfishness, he left her for
His own happiness. She doesn't want to ever hurt someone that way. Which is why she
Takes care of everyone, except herself. She wants to be happy but she is afraid that if she
Is happy then she might be hurting someone else with her happiness. Where's
The balance either she is too happy, or she is too sad. Why can't she find the balance of
Normal? She doesn't want to be lost in a feeling of false security, like her dad was.
He always did what made him happy and secure but, it was false in the fact that
Those around him didn't effect his decisions as far as if it was good or not. Why
Does it have to hurt so much, feeling all alone and rejected. She is not good
Enough because she can't maintain a normal standard.