The lightening streaked across the sky lighting up the night

The thunder grumbled loudly with all its power and might

Rain was threatening to fall as the fog settled in

The wind began to whisper it is once again

As the hands of time turned back to a life that is no more

The midnight hour tolled and it happened as before

Astride a dark horse sat a highwayman dressed all in black

His cloak billowed behind him, his face a somber mask

When out of the woods a lady ran, her gown flowing in the breeze

Neither one was aware of the man hiding amongst the trees

Relief was in the eyes of the rogue when the lady came into view

As he jumped from his horse, she rushed into the arms of her
Love so true

The man in the woods gasped as he watched what took place

For his own wife was the lady, in the rogue's embrace

Spurred by jealousy and anger, a shot pierced the night

A lady's scream echoed thru time as the scene faded from sight

Then the rain began to fall and the wind was a mournful cry

As yesterday's tears hit the ground with a forlorn goodbye