Once upon a dream she had a feeling, it was tranquil, it was
Serene, it was you.

Was she sleeping? Was she dreaming? Or was she simply waiting for
An imaginary response, a response from you?

In her bones she felt it. In her heart suppressed it. It would
Continually haunt her. She embraces it with all of her being.

She would quiver with anticipation of thoughts of their uniting. A
Unity that has always existed, but in a state of hibernation
Waiting to be awakened. Will it be abandoned, forgetting
Endlessly subdued? Her present responsibilities bar it. Her
Morals forbid it. Yet she constantly craves it.

Your silence stirred her desires. Her desires captured your heart.
They both know, yet murmured denial, all the while waiting, waiting
For time to allow their ardent pleasures to escape and discover one

If only for one moment her mind and her heart could rest. Her soul
Be put at peace, the peace that comes from knowing whether or not
If you are but a dream.