Brother borrowed auntie's bull, his barn he wanted to make full.
Ol' bull he grazed, ate grain and hay; then one day, he went away.

Brother let bull what to drink and never ever stopped to think
That somewhere on the "Holmestead" place, the bull's fresh hoofprints

Aaron helped him look around, pretty soon a hole they found.
Lo! Behold! The woodbox full, but not with wood, hey...there's the bull!

Brothers both begin to shout, how're they gonna get bull out?
Pour the coffee, ready, set...no one panic call the vet.

People gathered all around, a tranquilizer shot was found.
A sling, a lift, a mighty pull...hooray! up came that big ol' bull.

Now the story has been told about that morning, wintry cold.
Sure sounded funny to her ear, what a way to start the year!