One night as she was sitting all alone, she thought that all her friends
Were gone.

Such a lonely feeling that was for her, All she could saw was, "When Will
It Be," "When Will It Be?"

When the morning came with the bright sunshine, she started thinking about
The good times.

First, her childhood, "Oh," It wasn't so bad, that's when she met her first
Friend, and what fun they had.

Second, were her early days of school, listening and learning to all kinds
Of rules. There she met more friends and things were O.K. until they all
Moved away.

Third, were her junior high days, again she was surrounded by friends
Almost too many to see.

Fourth, was high school and what fun. Growing up is what she thought she
Had done.

But night came again and she was sitting all alone. Such a lonely feeling
That was for her, and all she could say was, "When Will It Be," "When
Will It Be?"

Life's been rough since she had grown, because she had the wrong friend to
Call on. It took a lot of changes in her life for her to see, that LOVE
Was the friend for her.

Please heed her words, so you will not have to say, "So many friends
I had, but now they have gone away."

If she only had known then who to trust, her only friend should have been

So for you her friends, please let her see. "WHEN WILL IT BE? WHEN