When did she first become aware of old age
Signs, of which she had no care?
And when did she first step off the curb & "oops"
Where was the strength her legs had endured?
Did confidence, just "up & go?"
When did she start not seeing that sign, been
There now forever, now somehow blurred and
Hard to detect, does she tell herself "that's
Just another defect."
What was that the preacher said? My
Goodness, did she miss the point. Were there too
Many voices? Have her ears gone too, seems
Now somehow, she only hears the noises.
When did these awful wrinkles come? And
Her hair, it's as white as the snow. Is she shrinking
In height? "My goodness sake" she does believe
It's so.
What was that? A whistle from across the
Street? Does that put her in a "tizzy." She quickly
Turns to see if it's for her, "my word" does she get "dizzy."
Does it all just come as a "thief in the night?"
It cramps one's style to be sure, but they know the
Choice, if they had power to choose, she doesn't believe
They'd prefer.