The sky is blue, the sun shines through
As long as dark clouds aren't there.
The moon at night, yields a glorious light,
Who for those, the evening, they could share.

Would it be whippoorwills or daffodils,
That give them a sense of peace.
Would it be freedom, gold, or secrets of old,
Which would give them a brand new lease.

A child's laughing at a new little plaything
Oh, how joyous that laughter can be.
A kitten's clawing or a puppy's sprawling
In a new world they've yet to see.

For one man it's to work, for another to shirk,
For many, to do both as time wields.
When there is rain, with only Love's pain,
How much greener and prettier the fields.

To find your out, is what it's all about,
To have something to look forward to.
To enjoy life enough, though at times it is tough,
It is what will help them get through.