They were all at a roping one day
When something walked up, what they couldn't say.

It had red silver tipped painted boots
And one of those cheap, colorful, cowboy, mouse suits.

Had something like a peacock feather in its 50 gallon hat,
And everyone looked at each other and asked, "What's that?"

They looked and they stared and they couldn't figure it out,
So they went to see what this boy was all about.

She walked up and she said, "Howdy Do!"
He looked at her peculiar and asked, "Heidi Who?"

Everyone grinned, and they couldn't help but laugh.
The feller looked upset, but he let it pass.

Then one of the boys asked him, "Would you like a chew?"
He said with a hick accent, "I sure do!"

So he took a tiny bite off of the plug,
And he grinned and he chewed like a cow on its cud.

Then he lost all his color and he turned white as snow.
He spun around, gagged and...well, you know.

He jumped in a fancy car; something called a "Lexus."
And he drove off, they saw his plate...sure 'nuff it said "TEXAS."