He has seen the faces of despair,
Hopes for life vanish in air.
Sow bitter sorrow in their eyes,
Felt their pain, heard their cries.
And he said, "What will it take?"

He's met both rich and poor alike,
Brushed with wealth, seen poverty's strike.
Different people, but their goal the same,
Separate worlds but a common aim.
And he wondered, what will it take?

With a look so innocent and helpless,
Towards one whose heart was restless,
Soft words she spoke, like velvet touch,
Searching for the cure to clutch.
She asked him, "What will it take?"

Over books he's poured, studied so,
The answer is, "I just don't know."
What fills one's life and raises him tall
May crush another, make him to crawl.
He doesn't know what it will take.