What makes a Mother?
Is it giving birth? She thinks not.
She thinks she is that tireless female who gives you endless love
The one who stays up with you all hours of the night.
She is that indefatigable individual with tears
In her eyes sitting by your bedside--bathing you--
Feeding you--and giving you medication, as she prays
To Love to take your pain away and let her suffer instead.
She is the female who cares enough about you
To work long hours on a job she doesn't enjoy,
While trying to improve her job skills. Yet,
She endures all hardships as she continues to help you
With your homework, as well as cooking you nutritious meals.
She is that individual who spends quality time with you.
Above all, a female who learns to love and still be firm.
One who has the capability and strength
To provide all your needs and not your desires.
A strong individual who will always be there for you,
Vigorous and preserving regardless of the obstacles.