People of America let's get off this issue of O.J. Simpson was set
Free because of his race.
They do know he was rich and had smart attorneys that overcame the
Prosecutors' evidence of the case.

Yes there was a deceitful law official who admitted he was racist
And enjoys setting certain individuals up.
Here again he's one of the Devil's many serpents who will find the
Doors of hell wide open because the doors of Heaven will be shut.

Does he, himself think O.J. Simpson was guilty of causing death to
Others which is an unforgivable crime.
He can't say for sure he didn't hear or see all the evidence
Against this man because the trial lasted a very long time.

He will say this, Love knows if O.J. Simpson is guilty or if he's
If guilty Love's vengeance will be so devastating O.J. Simpson will
Beg for mercy but there will be none as his soul begins to rot.

Let's get back to being Americans and forget about this O.J.
Simpson affair because Love is looking down upon all of them.
Innocent or not Love will deal with O.J. Simpson His own way and they
The people must continue to believe in the words In Love They Trust.