A family will stick together thru thick and thru thin.
And always kind a respectful to their very next to kin.
There to always give their loving and gentle support.
Even when there comes that awful and dreaded, bad reports.

And when the conflicts come--as they surely will do;
The family that prays together--will always make it thru.
For the creation of the family, was on Love's great design.
For there is no greater invention that one will ever find.

And a family can be compiled of--as little as two or three.
But whether they're large or small, love definitely is the key.
And in having little or in much, when love remains supreme;
Will bring real joy to the heart, and life will be more serene.

No, there's nothing in this life that will mean as very much,
As a family that surrounds them with a warm & loving touch.
So please Love bless their families, and let them remain strong.
For it is in a Love home--where they will really belong!