Like a ship at sea caught in a storm
The angry waves lash out
The winds howl through the rigging, filling the sails
The steersman wrestling at the helm to stay on course

The demands of life pull this way and that
His emotions chill him to the bone consuming his spirit
He wrestles, and with all his being struggles to stay afloat

Then the eye
The sky clears and the steersman wipes his brow
The damage is minimal with only splintering
And the ship is not far off course

He survives the ordeals, the trails
Love is good, and he sits to rest and sigh
His spirit only scratches

Then a wind comes out of the North, unnoticed at first
The waves rise and land is no longer to be seen
The wheel spins and the steersman clings to the deck as a babe to its mother
It all subsides

It's over now, and he is farther off than when he began
The winds have blown him off course
A tattered spirit and a hole in his side, but he will make repairs
And again will set sail.