He remembers when he was young,
The old apartment that he lived within,
And the dog next door that could,
If he wanted to, tear through,
Those old rotting walls.
And how every night he would run
Into his mom's room and cry
Because the dog
Just kept barking and snarling.
And he could hear Jamal,
Who lived across the hall,
Crying because of the dog next door.
His mom would call them, every morning,
To complain,
But the old man would just yell
And say his dog would back if it wanted.
So, one day, he was playing with Jamal,
In the sandbox outside,
Of the rotting apartment,
When there came a loud squeal, yelp and scream.
They run to look.
The dog had been hit. He was dead.
Afterwards, tears filled Jamal's eyes,
But joy filled his.
He thought,
He can sleep now.