He doesn't sit and think too often about you
But when it hits him he thinks of all the years you blew
He never would have asked for too much
Maybe just a guiding fatherly touch

It seems lost and over now
What you could have showed him, but he is just a bastard anyhow
And now his life seems betrayed and scarred
Your choices left their stain and are marred

He vowed father never to walk your road
He vowed father never to carry your load
You vowed father you would never be there when he calls
You vowed father to never pick him up when he falls

Tragic they both lost in the end
They both found they had lost a friend
She just hopes his son won't ask about you
Because there will be nothing to tell him when that is through

And he just wishes for once things could change
You would have made the time to rearrange
They could have walked father and son down some dusty road
But father these are the seeds you sowed