He went through life like most men do,
A wife, children and grandchildren too.

Hunting and fishing were things he
Treasured, spending time with his friends
Give him such pleasure

But as the leaves were changing, he
Had no idea what Love was arranging

Then in a bleak moment in time, Love
Spoke to him, and he said you are
Now mine.

Off he went to his new place where
He will never be erased.

Hunting and fishing he's sure he'll
Still find, for this place he's now in is
Peaceful and kind.

With you now he leaves memories
As colorful as the fall leaves
And as gentle as a spring

He must go now from all that
He has known, but he knows that
He will not be alone.

They'll soon be together as they
Were in the past, but remember
His friends...This One Will Last!