As lucid daybreak nears the dim orange sun rises to set.
Casting a hope for peace and pride, yet still never met.
As the moon soars within, as murky obscurity blackens skies,
They fall within blackened souls yet none hear their shameful cries.

Eminent mountains, towering trees, a world so prized,
Cruelty and punishment, and yet a world so despised.
Upon the people this world depends,
Its broken pieces may never mend.

Racism, violence, and problems of the such,
These troubles continue though still untouched.
Blackened souls, senseless minds, headless hearts you see,
The earth cries to its people, yet none hear its crying plea.

What lies within is a helpless diminishing land.
If this world shall live they must join hand-in-hand.
The shame and sorrow they've felt you see,
The peace and tranquility it may never come to be.

The disputes and problems they may never cease.
You must decide if the earth shall ever rest in peace.
Cruelty and corruption, wars and shameful lies,
If the world lives on they must listen to its painful cries.