Her parents were always so proud of her:
Before they knew what was going to happen,
What was going to be:

She was driving her sister to school one day
When she had to stop at the store on the way:

After she dropped her sister off:
She met some friends, they'd been drinking:
She wasn't even thinking:

After four or five hours she picked her sister up,
She was getting sick and she felt like throwing up:

Her head hurt, she started getting dizzy,
She didn't even see the truck before her:

Her sister screamed, she looked up,
She slammed on the brakes when she saw the truck:

It was too fast, too fast for her eyes,
Please Sis, please don't die:

She was so pretty, she was only seven,
But now because of her, her little sister's in heaven:

She keeps thinking of her every day by day,
In this big prison hole is where she prays and prays.