Two people filled with emptiness down deep in their souls,
Each holding their own thoughts, their own dreams, their own goals.
Two people with the same sadness you can see in their eyes,
As they sit and they watch as life passes them by.
Two people wanting to be loved but too afraid to love back.
Because of all the heartache they'd endured in the past.
Two people wanting to give but so afraid of being used,
Because their only heart has been so badly bruised.
Two people with the same dreams in life but are afraid to fall asleep,
For fear of being awakened only to find defeat.
Will the past destroy the future of those two people who've got so much to give?
Will the harshness that's been put in their hearts,
Ruin the happiness they so greatly deserve to live?
Her prayer for these two people is that they one day meet,
For one of these two people is you,
The Her.