Turn around and Look and See just where the Lord has led
Cast your eyes upon the Footsteps that you and she did tread
Hear again the Vows they made that Blessed day when they began
O remember it like yesterday, Her Only Gentle Man

There were Flowered Trails and Fiery Trails
He led them straight on through
Made Brighter by this company He shared with her and you

There's a Heartborn place His Word did trace
Where the Little Ones could grow
By His Spirit's grace they led them
To the Highest Place they'd ever know

It's Here they kneel before their Lord On Sacred, Holy Ground
In the quiet you will find it Every Time you turn around

They have naught to fear for Future Days Except they forget their Past
What their Love hath Joined Together
By this hand He doth Hold Fast

Now He leads them on the Upward Path in Him they're Heaven Bound
They will love and help each other
In the Best Friend they have found