He loves you, truly, yes, he duly,
Loves you, truly...
Truly, duly, drooly, ghouly,
Fuely, fooly, muly, pooly,
In the puddly pool.

He wants you, badly; you, he madly,
Wants you, badly...
Badly, madly, sadly, radly,
Fadly, fidly, didly, dadly,
On the gallery gallows.

He loves you, Susan, yes, he doozin',
Loves you, Susan...
Susan, doozin', snoozin', boozin',
Fizzin', floozin',
With their his and hers "Van Hoosen."

Oh! He loves you, truly; yes, he duly,
And he wants you, badly; yes, he madly,
For he loves you, Susan; yes, he doozin',
Oh, Susan, doozin', he does.