She remembers what it was like when she was a flower child.
Her mother and dad thought she was so carefree and wild.
The phases, like growing, came in spurts.
She wore bell bottoms, the beads, and tie-dyed shirts.
She lived through Woodstock, Elvis, The Beatles and more,
The Viet Nam war when she didn't understand what they fought for;
The peace signs, the hippies, the flowers in the hair,
Yet there was still some innocence and decency there.
The term "lost in the 60s" fits her to a tee,
Because that is where she always wants to be.
A place where she was young and unaware,
Of the pain and problems of aging she's had to bear.
She knows she can't really go back, but reminiscing helps her cope
With the way her life is today, and it always gives her hope.