You can't believe your eyes;
The block in her mind has collapsed once again.
The pin in front of her is unbelievable.
It is cunning to you and her.
You though, she has no idea for your need.

To you she seems individual to the rest of them,
But she does try to seek the part of her that is you.
She cannot find it,
The part that aches and cries to be like you.

It seems as a person she is a wolf,
So fierce she is your predator,
The black crow that caws the cry to be like you;
The sleek coat that says, "You are like her."

She is plain on the outside,
That you can see.
She is hurting on the inside
For you to recognize her.
You will one day see her for what she is;
And come to be like her,
Yes, her the Raven.