Love sent her here for a purpose only he had in mind,
Love little children and always be kind.
With no child of her own--who was she to love?
You were in heaven waiting on the wings of a dove.
But Love knew best--said wait upon her her child.
He sent Bubba--so easily going and mild,
He was not hers--but the child of another.
Then came Shane--his blonde headed brother.
Third was Tres--in the month of May he came.
It was the month of July--the year 76,
Came Tammy & Neal whose broken hearts she tried to fix.
Love gave this training for a reason she did not know;
For he was to send her a son who could set her heart aglow.
From the story of "Mary" Christmas--to the bike you could ride,
She asks Love to let her always be at your side.
She has watched you grow from a boy to a young man,
And she wants you to be the very best that you can.
Michael, she loves you and she want you to know,
When Love blessed her life with you he set her heart aglow.