TO HER MOM, (CHARLENE HOPPER) AUG. 14, 1939-OCT. 5, 2007

As she looks into this mirror, what is it she sees,
But an image of you, in this reflection of her.
She never quite realized just how much she resembled
You before, until she would listen to what others would
Say. When they tell her you are beautiful, that's a
Compliment to her in so many different ways

These past few weeks she could see, you slowly slipping
Away. It's just a matter of time, is all anyone could
Say. They've become so much closer and stronger as a
Family. The kids have stood by one another in your
Time of need.

She was proud of you before, and even more so today.
You've been so strong, never complaining or giving
Up hope alone the way. You told her, they shouldn't
Be afraid of dying if in Love they do believe. He
Is here to watch over and to guide them, all
They have to do is open up their hearts to Him
And receive.

Most of all she's thankful for being there
Beside you and able to say, just how
Much she truly loves you.
On your final days.
She misses your dearly
Love from
Your daughter