He's in a dungeon, the dungeon of hell,
Many don't know it but he knows it well.
Looking through bars, waiting for time to come up.
No longer home drinking from his favorite cup.
He did crack cocaine and got in too deep.
It left his life shattered in a terrible heap.
What happened to his life a story to tell,
Now paying his dues and living in hell.
Sinking so low his family in sorrow,
When he gets out he'll still have to borrow.
No one to blame he brought it on him.
Love he wishes that drug, would have just let him be.
He hit the bottom of agony and pain.
Now he has nothing except life to gain.
His love might be lost in a world of its mess.
Maybe Love loves him and it's his final test.
To hurt their poor children, it's tearing his soul.
The killing of his parents' heart, it's taken it toll.
Doing the drug, smoking the crack,
He stepped on a crack and broke his mother's back.
Redemption and searching in the depths of his heart,
To know Love will give him, another chance to start.
Dear Lord please forgive him for he knows not what he does.
'Cause doing that drug is not true to you.