With rod and reel and silver lure, he casts it
Deep in waters pure. And as the blackened
Waters churned, he set the hook. The thunder
Rolled, the Earth it shook. A creature came from
Way down deep to try his best, his lure to keep.
He made his run with awesome power. They fought
Their fight for most an hour. He held him tight
On line of steel, while gears where smoking from
His reel. And when at last, he thought he'd tire,
He looked at him with eyes of fire. He gave a roar
And shook his head and suddenly his line went
Dead. He looked at him as if to say, "Let's go
Another round someday." With a tired wink,
He swam away. He stood and stared in
Disbelief. His silver lure lay at his feet,
His reel still smoking from the heat. Suddenly
A thought began, he hadn't last, he hadn't won. They
Took a break, the fight undone. But they know
Someday they'll meet again and fight the fight
Until the end.