A father's love is special, it is unconditional;
It isn't earned and can't be bought, it is offered from the start.

Through childhood scrapes and tears, you always chased away her fears.
Through teenage years boys and dates, you tried to set her straight.

Had she listened to your wisdom instead of raising cain;
She would've saved them both a lot of misery and pain.

But should've, could've, would've doesn't count when all is done;
And "turning back the clock" is just a silly pun.

She feels better about herself because of something that you say;
"The choices I made then make me who I am today."

Now she's grown and she has a family of her own;
And only now can she appreciate the patience that you've shown.

She's always loved you more than she could ever seem to say;
And if it's possible, she loves you even more today.

You've been a perfect father, in case you didn't know;
She's felt your love throughout her life, it has helped her learn and grow.

One of her favorite childhood memories is of them walking side by side;
With her little hand in yours trying hard to match your stride.

You will always be her "Daddy" and her number one man;
When you need to reminded, just pretend they're "holding hands."