When she watches, she sees her with you, she makes you smile. She watches her
Talk softly to you, she sees her gingerly touch your hair, and brush your
Cheek with her fingertips. She sees you envelop her within your arms. She
Plainly sees you are her man, her love, and that she is the other half of
Your heart you have been searching for. She watches from a distance and can't
Help, but remember to herself, how her heart loved you first, but was left
Unrequited. She sees you happy, and in love, and she is happy in that, but she
Can't help, but wish she were her. She whispers in your ear, what is she
Saying so coyly, perhaps sweet nothings, she'll never know, she guesses. She
Watches you hold her, and brush her hair softly away from her face. She is
Truly happy for you, but for once she will be selfish, she wishes she could know
What it would be like to be her, to be the one loved by you, to be the one
You envelop in your arms, but most of all to be the one that whispers in
Your ear.