They started with all they thought they'd need, their youth and love to share.
But life held other fortunes, they'd get caught up in Its snare,
They slaved to what they were taught; the right things for them to know.
Like winter's desolation, their dreams were buried in the snow.
It drew them through the coming years, their passing taught them nil.
Their love became a fleeting word; passion's flames died in the chill.
Yet somewhere in the middle a second chance they knew.
It gave them one more season, the child inside you grew.
But fools can never see the start of something good again
And all of those 'round them believed in just how well they'd done.
But in the darkness of the night; they could see the clearest then,
Loneliness vainly pointed the way to lead them from their sin.
The distance grew between them. It moved them in divergent ways.
They'd left once more the lessons of just livin' simpler days.
Now granite works the ending, your passage through is through.
He wishes only now, with reddened eyes, he'd spent more of it with you.