They were friends, pals, and finally lovers.
Together they shared their first kiss.
They promised each other their undying love and hearts.
They planned a future with marriage, a house, and kids.

But their dreams were never to be.
Something happened. Too many interruptions in their lives.
They drifted apart. You married someone else, as did she.
You had children. She did the same.

Twenty years have gone by.
They neither saw each other or exchanged words.
By chance, they met again.
Both hearts beating wildly, uncontrolled breathing, bodies aching.

You once told her, "If you do what's right, you can't be wrong."
But what is right for her at this moment can hurt others.
She never got over you. The void you left still remains.
Why could they not have waited for each other?

This decision has not come easy.
She needs to say goodbye. If this were some other time,
Some other place, some other stepping stone in her life.
But it's not. So, goodbye. Remember, she loves you.