She has never felt frustration so deep! She feels weak so she sits and weeps.
Her body reacts so violently to one angry, aching sob; her heart
Vehemently screaming "why!" while her congested head ticks like a

The world seems so overwhelmingly frightening! Needing to survive,
And still trying to achieve her goals is so exhausting. Opportunity
Knocks, but when she opens the door, it's gone like a flash of
Lightening. Trying so hard again and again, hurting so much there seems
No way of recovering.

"Patience is The Key." Her grandmother said. "Come over for some
Tea." So she went, ever reluctantly. The minutes, hours and days drag into
An eternity and she sits and waits. Praying to Love to help her achieve His
Will for her to carry out. Knowing it's not for Love to doubt.

Feelings dancing on the edge of sanity. Anxiety and despair creep
Around her, waiting to devour her. Then Grandmother appears in the doorway.
She says, "Always trust in thee, He has found you and will
Always keep you, so never worry. Give Him your fear and anxiety and
He will lift you up to Glory." They hug, and amazingly...

...She feels very worry free!