He couldn't help but wonder
How this could happen to you
So all of life, strong, pure
In all the things you'd do

You tried to stay away from it
Three years he thinks it was
The demon, you had loved so much
Had given you its final buzz

Turned away for so long
Back to the battle you went
He couldn't believe, when he heard the words
How final moments were spent

The clutches of a devil
Took a very dear friend
Funny how a moment of bliss
Can cause a life to end.

They prepared for another year; to celebrate another 1,000 days;
To prepare for another of your practical jokes; another day
Knowing you would protect them...
They will miss you...a brother...a son...a good friend.
Though they are proud even now, they will miss you
Very love, March 17, 2004.