Helpless to turn the tide on the wave of despair washing over the bow of
His sanity.

Loneliness and helplessness running in faster than he can bail it out.

His bucket of hope has holes he cannot fill.

As he feels the deck of his sanity slowly sinking under him, he's not afraid.

He hears the surf gently pounding on the shore of sanctuary and knows that help
Is so close, yet so far.

And the winds of anger continue to blow, and the waves of desolation continue
To pound.

And as his ship of sanity sinks lower and lower under him, he wonders how much
Time does he have left?

As the wave of heartache crashes on him and he is thrown overboard he grabs a
Line, the only line still connecting him to his sanity.

As the ship slips under the waves, he releases his grip on his ship of sanity.

And let the monster called Thantos pull him under the waves.

Here he rests forever, still holding his rusted, holey, bucket of hope...

That is empty.