Giggling, laughing, having so much fun
There's no time to get homework done.
Thirteen is certainly a magical age
As Shakespeare said "all the world's a stage."
Thirteen year olds never come in ones,
There are always more than two
And giggling is their favorite thing to do.
Giggling at the dinner table, giggling in bed.
Giggling at everything that's said.

Life is so topsy-turvy and such a delight
When one can giggle at everything in sight.
Giggling about brother, sister, Dad and Mother
Or just giggling about each other.
A giggle or a wiggle can start it up again
There's no rhyme, reason or plan.
Laughing faces, giggling sounds simply abound
And make happy hearts sing.
When you're thirteen and all around
Are such funny giggly things.