When she was a kid in the forties
English was easier to understand.
An "apple" was a piece of fruit,
A tin food container was called "The Can."

To "Be Cool" was the opposite of warm,
"Remote" was a faraway place to be.
A "Mouse" was an unwanted pest
And "Gay" meant happy you see!

A "Bite" was a taste or sample
Delicious fruit spread was called "Jam"
"Pump" was a low heel dress shoe
A nice addition to a picnic was "A Ham!"

To be organized and tidy was "Neat"
Folks worked hard to rid their garden of "Weed,"
"Pot" was a deep vessel for cooking,
And there was no such word as "Dweebs!"

It is easy to understand the age differences
And why they call it the "Generation Gap!"
Perhaps they could bring these groups closer
If someone cleverly, created "A New Word Map!"