Just months ago their ship was made brand new,
And set to sea with youth and honesty.
From ships they sailed before, their mistrust grew,
From rains and storms and being lost at sea.
Although the sinking of the post was clear,
They chose to give this new found ship a try.
They chose to leave the dock and face their fear,
And put their new found sails unto the sky.
Those times the winds were strong, their sails soared high,
The crew was warm and happy through the night.
But when their ship was still and winds were gone,
They docked it close to shore to find their wrong.
At the sea splashes blue against their hull,
Ways of sailing against the sea they learn.
The winds are growing stronger, never dull.
Putting those rocky paths behind their stern.
Their masts raised up the sails of white with pride.
This wide and open ocean is their sheath.
So now they take their faith and love inside--
Their pure blue water cushions way beneath.